A collection of sacred geometry shapes, planets and symbolism (with hand-made frames) for sale online.

Book in for one-to-one mentoring support to help you grow as a person and become the best version of yourself.


Pre-recorded meditations, designed to help you connect to yourself, build self-awareness, and bring more balance to your life.

About Me

Hi, I’m Scott! I am an artist,
and a mentor who is
determined to share my
artwork with the world and
to help people overcome
barriers to live their best life.

What People Say

“I’m proud of the changes that I have made with the help of Scott’s mentoring and I gladly recommend him to anyone seeking help or support in there personal development and daily well-being. He is extremely aware and listens intently to find the golden nuggets that you need to work on. These could be simple surface patterns, deep subconscious patterns, daily limitations, or more. Book in and find out if he is a fit for your needs.

– Scott Jewell